Cold Chain Logistics
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Cold Chain Logistics



Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics is our solution for shipments with temperature and humidity sensitive requirements, including deliveries made from land, sea, air, and even in storage.

We offer professional climate controlled packing facilities, anything from a single use, or longer term refrigerated container. Cold chain logistics will ensure safe and timely deliveries of temperature sensitive products to their designated destinations.

Here at King Well Group, we also have expert teams with years of experience in handling fresh foods, wine, pharmaceutical products, biotech, vaccines, clinical trial drugs, chemicals, and human and animal biological specimens.

  • Refrigerator container delivery
  • Temperature controlled facilities / materials
  • Single / multiple use loggers
  • Dangerous Goods transportation
  • Perishable goods transportation
  • Fresh goods, wine, pharmaceutical goods transportation
  • MSDS, applying special certification, special test report
  • Low temperature distribution with dry ice and cooling agent